Card Sort

The most important thing to do before running a card sort.

1 minute read time

This may sound obvious.

But it’s surprising to me how often this step is missed. So, it’s worth stating the obvious.

The most important thing you should do before you start a card sort is to decide what you want to learn from it.

I get it.

It’s easy to jump into action. And we have worked hard here at Empathetic to make it really easy to get a card sort up and started in just a few minutes.

But, before you start it, decide what you want to learn.

Deciding what you want to learn from a card sort will impact how many participants you get, what type of card sort you run, and what you look for in the results.

If you’ve already started that card sort, all is not lost.

You’re still going to learn valuable information.

If you don’t decide ahead of time though, you run the risk of gathering interesting and helpful information that is not immediately actionable.

So, take a few minutes before every card sort and decide what you want to learn and let that guide the study.