Information Architecture

32 Useful Resources on Information Architecture

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Every day you follow a certain path to information.

This path, although invisible to the eye, can make you feel wonderful and excited or lost and frustrated.

When done right, you not only find the information you’re looking for but you understand it.

Here’s the challenge: more and more information is available every day.

This is where information architecture (IA) comes in to save the day.

IA is the systematic organizing and labeling of information so that we can find and understand information.

A good information architecture can not only make customers happier and more successful but it can have a huge impact on whether visitors become and stay customers.

Whether this is the first time you’re hearing about information architecture or you know all about it and want to dive deeper, here are some helpful resources for you.


If you want to dive in deep to the topic of information architecture there are some books that I have found invaluable on this topic.

Professional Organizations

Whether you’re interested in connecting with others in the field of IA, seeking professional development opportunities, or simply want to enhance your business profile joining a professional IA organization is a great way to go. Here are a few to consider:

Information Architecture Conferences

Consider meeting with like-minded people and industry peers at one of these conferences:

Quickly learn about Information Architecture

Maybe you’re not sure you want to invest in a book or a conference yet. I get it.

If that's the case or you simply want some helpful IA resources right now, the following lists are for you.

These aren’t quite as in-depth but still very good - with much less commitment!

First, here are a few good articles explaining information architecture if you’re new to it:

Card Sorting is a UX research technique that helps you uncover an IA that mets your users expectations. Here are a few quick articles on card sorting:

Here are a few other worthwhile resources to better understand IA:

And finally, here are a few websites every information architect should at least know exists: