Conduct modern, innovative research that your team looks to for product decisions.

Amplify and expand your work to your entire team.

Tools to help your team deeply understand your customer, see your work, collaborate with you, and so much more.

A home for all your research.

Break down silos of knowledge inside your organization. Store, conduct, organize, and share user research from one place.
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Create research documents for collaboration and transparency

Whether you want to create a report, interview scripts, observer notes, or simply document research methodologies create them all with a click of a button. Sign up to shape what we build and get early access.

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UX tools for UX people.

Educate and empower your team with greater empathy and understanding of your customers.

User research repository

Store all your user research in a searchable library. Automatic transcription of audio and video files.

Contextual micro-surveys

Automated, quick, and regular insights about your audience and their experience with your product.

Participant management

Organize, sort, segment, and track engagement of your very own database of research participants.

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