We believe user research should make a positive impact on our customers and our business.

We are rethinking the way user research can be done for product teams. In the process, we are building the UX tools we want for ourselves. These values guide what we build.

User research should be lightweight and continuous.

We believe in moving quickly and need user research data to keep up.

Heavy, infrequent research doesn’t make sense in a fast-paced product company. Instead, we need regular contact and lightweight research methods that we can learn from throughout our product lifecycle.

When we are faced with a question, we need an answer quickly.

When systems are in place and user research is continuous it is possible to get fast answers that will inform us what our customers truly want.

No superficial user knowledge.

We will not settle for bounce rates, views, and time on site. We want to know our customer’s needs, problems, and desires.

We also firmly believe in respecting our customer's privacy.

Many people want a voice in shaping the products they use and love. And so we let the customers decide what and how much information they want to share. It is, and always should be, up to them.

Our success is measured by impact, not features.

In the last six weeks/months/years did we create something that made our customers’ lives better?

We know that when we can definitively answer yes to that question we are on the right path.

We measure our performance on outcomes not lines of code, designs completed, or articles written.

This requires us to engage with our customers and do the work required to truly understand the context and problems our customer is facing in order to create a valuable solution for them.

Everyone's job is UX.

Whether we’re a UX professional or someone who has never conducted a user interview in our life, what truly matters is a desire to serve our customers.

Every day we’re making product decisions that should be largely influenced by customer input.

No matter what our title is, we believe in creating a tool that every member of the team, regardless of UX experience can use and rely on for continuous customer engagement and insights.

No barriers to entry on UX research.

The best time to begin user research was yesterday, the second-best time is today. This is true regardless of your title, degree, or background.

You won’t see any credentials required or barriers to entry to begin using our user research tools.

We believe in keeping it simple and ensuring that no matter what experience you have you can begin and get value right away.

Like all things, you’ll improve over time and we’ll help you along the way.

Rethinking how we do user research.

In the last 20 years startling little has changed about the way we do user research. We believe the time is right for innovating.

We are going back to the drawing board and considering how we can make it more useful, and actionable, as well as playful and fun for product teams of all sizes.

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