Are you designing something your customers will love?

Inform your designs with customer insights

Designing a feature and need insight quickly into how your customers are using your product? See previous user studies with customers, how they have engaged with your app, start a new micro-survey to answer your question, or reach out to them individually.

Design solutions that solve your customer's desires.

Quickly see themes, research data, customer quotes, and more from user research across your company. The better you understand what your customers want, where they have problems, and their goals the better solution you can design for them.

Confidently make design decisions.

User research effectively stored and shared as well as quickly understood can open up design direction you may have never traveled otherwise. Invest in tools that help you do your work better while saving you time.

User research repository

Store all your user research in a searchable library. Automatic transcription of audio and video files.

Contextual micro-surveys

Automated, quick, and regular insights about your audience and their experience with your product.

Participant management

Organize, sort, segment, and track engagement of your very own database of research participants.