Are you creating a product or feature that your customers want?

Talk to your customers every week.

Automate recruiting for user research so that you have a database of potential customers to choose from to talk with every week.

Make better product decisions.

You make important decisions every day that have an impact on your product. Make sure those decisions are influenced by customer input and a deep understanding of your customer. Even if you don't do the user research, you can learn from it. Break down silos of knowledge inside your organization.

Product managers wear a lot of hats.

User research is just one of them. This makes it no less important. Invest in tools that help you do your work better while saving you time.

User research repository

Store all your user research in a searchable library. Automatic transcription of audio and video files.

Contextual micro-surveys

Automated, quick, and regular insights about your audience and their experience with your product.

Participant management

Organize, sort, segment, and track engagement of your very own database of research participants.