Product Updates

We're now in closed beta and what that means

We're excited to finally open our doors and let you in. We'd love to have you be the first to get your hands on what we've built.

We have strong feelings about how user research should feel. From the user perspective, it should be frictionless. From the organization perspective, it should be lightweight and continuous. It should be simple and accessible—nobody should be afraid to learn.

We tested dozens and dozens of ux research tools over the past several years and we noticed a common theme. Getting it right is hard — really hard. Running continuous uxr studies is time consuming, convoluted, and requires layers of tooling to get everything connected. Even when you have everything connected, it’s hard to make sense of the data—to distill what it means for your customers and the direction of your product.

This is why we built Empathetic.

In order to build better products, we need customer conversations to be simpler. We need multiple touch points to get as much feedback as possible without the burden of jumping on Zoom each time. We need seamless ways to combine quantitative and qualitative feedback, connect the dots, and produce artifacts that can be shared with decision-makers in your organization.

Empathetic aims to do just that. We provide a suite of ux research tools catered to product-led growth teams. We make it simple to recruit participants, run focused micro-surveys, and build research repositories based on all of your user interactions.

With that being said, we are happy to announce that we are officially in a closed beta. You may be thinking, “what exactly does this mean to for me?”

It means that we are one step closer to delivering on that vision. Like all products, it isn’t perfect—but we’re actively learning, improving, and simplifying things every day. We are running our own studies continuously to build a product that helps all of us learn more from our users and build better products.

If you are already running user research studies or eager to start, we welcome you to sign up for our closed beta.

We’re excited to go on this journey and learn from you. And most of all, we’re excited to help give you the tools you need to learn more efficiently from your users.

Thank you! You are in. We send at most one email a week. You should hear from us shortly.
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